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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We need at least 25 plus sized women to help guide us! (Details in post)

As it has been pointed out to us, we have hundreds and hundreds of socks and stockings and stuff, but only 18 in plus-sizes...

Fernando Botero

There are a few reasons for this.

1.) There just hasn't been a great range so far of plus-sized products that we love and think you'll love.
2.) We don't know what you need most, and want most so we're going to try to go to you directly and get the looks and sizes you most want based on your feedback.

We're currently working with a company to get from 1x to 6x in many different styles, but we don't really know what you want / need /desire exactly. 

For your help in answering, we'll send you a sale voucher of $10.00 off of your order (which will equal free shipping plus for almost all of you).

How to participate:

1.) Answer the following 8 questions in an email.
2.) Send to "", remember to put "Plus Advice" in the subject line. 

Absolutely ALL your information, names, private details etc. will be kept ABSOLUTELY private, so please be honest and open. We'll send you the voucher by email in reply to your answers.


Survey Questions:

1.) What size are you? 
(Most places switch this up so much it's hard to get a good idea, could you please give clothing size but also give height / weight so we get a better sense?)

2.) What type of stockings /socks / leggings / hosiery do you want to find, but have a very hard time finding online or in stores?
 (For example: "Tights / Stockings I can wear to work that are in demure prints." Or "Knee socks in cotton that fit my calf well" Or "Wild animal print leggings" Or "Solid color tights in colors that fit well" Or "Super sexy stuff" etc )

3.) Where do you buy most of your clothes?
(Shop(s) / website name(s) )

4.) Where do you find information / advice about plus sized fashion / stores / clothes?
(blog / website name(s) / source etc)

5.) Do you wear fashions that show off your lovely legs? 
(Chances are you should!!) 

6. ) If we had a weekly online chat / advice column etc. 
(Facebook thread or something) with a plus size stylist to help answer your fashion / styling questions, would you want to participate?

6a.) If "Yes", would you prefer to email in questions to have answered in the Facebook thread so you can keep your name private, or have it interactive online, real time as you on our Facebook wall?

7.) Should we order more stockings or leggings or both?
8.) Please look at the following Color / Pattern Boards and let us know which you'd like us to carry by number. (Ex. I'd like F6. F7 and W1, W2 and A5 and A8)
As many as you just love. 
Add in words other colors / styles / patterns you'd love to buy if we don't have it on our pattern boards.


Wear-to-Work Patterns:

 Animal Prints: 
Stylish Floral Patterns:

Pin-up / Retro Patterns:
Crazy / Fun Patterns:

Thank you for all your help!
Xoxo Sock Diva Leah


  1. I sent an email with info, I hope it helps!

  2. Thanks!! We're going to make a chart of all the data we get and then put in a massive plus sized order! Always let us know if we can help or get something specific that you need but just can't find. We'll do our best to carry it if possible.

    -Sock Diva Leah

  3. Glad to hear this!I sent in an email, hope it helps.

  4. skulls, hearts, polka dots, circles, stars, neon on gray or black, monkeys, ninjas, sayings, randomness.... I LOVE SOCKS!!! knee socks are my addiction and I would love for some really cute ones to fit me instead of buying them and then having to give them to my skinny calved friends.... please do this!!! please:))))))

  5. Personally, I think for me and MOST plus sized women. WE JUST WANT WHAT THE SKINNY GIRLS HAVE TOO!!!!! I mean just because we are chunky does not mean we want to dress like our grandmothers or hide in the shadows of life. We want to be treated just as any other consumer. Some of us will like funky prints some will like more subdued styles...we may even want to look sexy...Bottom line. If you make it in a size 6....make it in a 26.

  6. true. why should we have to wear curtains?