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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sock of The Week: The "Those are absolutely awful I MUST HAVE THEM" black and hidden color skull toe socks.

Jolie laide toe socks. With hidden skulls.
Sometimes when we're looking at new socks to carry we'll see something and groan.

The groan's usually accompanied by a comment like this:
 "That's terrible!"
"Who'd look good in that??"
"Where would anybody actually WEAR that?"
"WHO would actually buy that??"

and then we generally move on to the next new item we're considering.

About 3% of the time though, contrary to all good taste, common sense, and basic business logic we then follow any one of those comments with "WE MUST CARRY THOSE".

These black calf length toe socks with hidden green, purple and red skulls were one of those odd cases.

We started with an "OMG! THESE ARE HORRIBLE!" and pretty immediately followed them up with "WE MUST CARRY THOSE".

I've heard that in French there's a concept of being both pretty and ugly at the same time.  
The term appears to be "jolie laide", but as a non-Francophone, I'm not going to make strong claims to accuracy here.

What I take that to mean is striking in a non-conventionally pretty kind of way. Memorable, eye-catching, and just a little bit off looking. Being one of those women, I find owning that rather than hiding from it serves me best.
But back to the socks.

1.) Any sock that hits you mid calf like these do don't do a huge favor to about 99% of leg types out there. Simple truth of shape logic there, I can't change or deny that truth.

2.) 5 toe toe socks, while awesome, are also freaky in some oddly primal kind of way because WE CAN SEE ALL YOUR CREEPY TOES.

3.) moving on to the skulls; they are human skulls.
Even if I could make an argument to the pleasing aesthetics of a human skull (but I won't) why would there be skulls on your legs just up to your calves??

And yet...
And yet I bought a metric boatload of them to have in stock to sell to you because BLACK HIDDEN SKULL TOE SOCKS!!!!

They are actually surprisingly cute on and can pass as regular black socks with a green band at the top if you need specially camouflaged socks for some very specific reason.

Have fun in the toe socks,

XoXo Sock Diva Leah

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