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Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Socks and Stockings -- Yeah baby!

 Welcome to a very Artisan Socks -Y Halloween!

When you think "Halloween Stockings", there's probably;y one of several categories of people who think very different things.

If you're a cosplay or Manga / Anime fan, you're probably trying to find the PERFECT socks or stockings to make you into the character of your choice. Same goes for if you like regular comics.

Do you think orange and black striped socks?
Hopefully, because we have them.

How about stockings with glow in the dark webs on them?

Yup, we have them too.

Stockings that make your legs look tattooed?
But of course!

Sharks and alligators and fishes that eat your feet and cow toes?

Most certainly!
And a whole massive array of vavavavoom thigh-highs to make your Sexy-maid-marine-biologist-naughty-librarian outfit the hottest?

You bet.

Mostly we have tried to get in and keep just about every type of fun leg-wear we could get our hands on.

I beseech you, wear fun socks and stockings on regular non-Halloween days too.
Not just because I sell socks either, mostly because the world needs a bunch more whimsy 364 days a year and not just on one lucky one.

~~Artisan Socks