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Friday, January 22, 2010

Celeste Stein TAUPE GEISHA Leggings / Footless Tights

Celeste Stein TAUPE GEISHA LYCRA Leggings / Footless Tights

Artisan Socks - Jan 22, 2010
I love these so footless tights so much.

I'm wearing these in taupe, they come in a grey base as well, but I think they're just the coolest leggings around.

I hate to brag about the fact that this is winter wear here, but being able to wear my Celeste Steins and my Fluevogs (big love to Mr. Fluevog, I <3 your shoes!!) makes what ever anyone ever wants to say about So. Cal, well, moot from a purely shallow standpoint. But I digress.. The photo was taken By Sock Diva D who wears many hats, and is a fabulous photographer, strong and nice person, and fun to be around as well. Rock on people, enjoy our whimsical legs. Artisan Socks sock Diva L XoXoXo