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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Over the knee socks (OTK Socks), major awesomeness

I know we all have our favorite styles and such, but I need to say that these "Over the knee socks" are my major weakness.

At the rate they're selling out, it's looking as if you all rock the OTKs too.

I promise to find more and get them to you asap.

in reference to: Over the Knee Socks- Knee Highs and then some! Women's Socks by Artisan Socks! From Artisan Socks (view on Google Sidewiki)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rave Reviews For Artisan Socks!!!

Artisan socks is so brand spanking new that we love it and get all excited when we discover people have been chatting us up on line.

We are going to try to make an effort to say big "THANK YOOOOOU"s to people who promote and enjoy Artisan Socks on the web.

First, we'd like to thank mahyak from livejournal for all the nice things they had to say, and to feature their comments about us in today's Artisan blog post.

Livejournal blogger mahyak:
Фор герлз онли.
Нашла носочный магазин.
Это невыносимо, особенно разделы с полосочками и ромбами.

Sadly, as we are unable to read Cyrillic, we had to rely on Google's translator which let us know that the blogger had the following glowing praise for our lineup!

Google Translation:

Fort gerlz ONLY YOU.
Recovers Men's Shop.
This is intolerable, especially the sections with stripes and diamonds.

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
To be 100% honest, I'm not 100% positive that that is actually a glowing review of our lineup, but I'm a socks-are-half-full kind of person, so I'll take that to me nice things and that they'd like us to carry Men's items as well.

I'm actually looking into men's socks as we've had a few people ask, and I'm a big fan of men in funky socks.
And by "funky" I really don't mean "stinky" because, well, EW!

 Oops, random caps lock, back to normal here.
Perhaps that's what happens when livejournal is mentioned.


livejournal blogger gigavolt's comment about the Artisan socks post:

Очередной проплаченный пост:)

Google Translation:
 Another paid by the post:)

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
Ha! They paid you to say that!

<--Sock Diva L aside; No, we didn't pay them to say that as, well, we're not entirely sure what they actually said and are pretty much just hoping it was nice..

Livejournal blogger mahyak' response to the post:
щаз забаню к чертовой матери. 

Google Translation: 
 schaz banned to hell

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:

Livejournal blogger aelinika's comment about the Artisan socks post:
какие там перчаааааааааааткииииииииииии!

 Google Translation: 
 aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ................
what there perchaaaaaaaaaaatkiiiiiiiiiiii!

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:

Livejournal blogger mahyak' response to the post:
 ага :)

 Google Translation:


Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:

I know this one!!

Livejournal blogger chaikafletch's comment about the Artisan socks post:
о как я тебя понимаю
носки.. я прям тоже носковая маньячка ))

Google Translation:
about how I understand
socks .. I'm straight, too Noskova manyachka))

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
...  ..... ...... ?

Livejournal blogger malashka 's comment about the Artisan socks post:
ВСЕ хочу! :)

Google Translation:

ALL I want! :)

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
Yay! That means the pretty Russian lady blogger wants to buy our socks!  
I think. I think I'll think that just because.

Hey malashka! I will give you a $5.00 off voucher if you buy socks, shipping to Russia can be very expensive ;-/

Livejournal blogger lazuri's comment about the Artisan socks post:
 так все равно не наш же.. я просто так не люблю смотреть:(((

Google Translation:
so anyway we are not the same .. I just do not like to watch: ((( 

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
 I take that to mean that lazuri doesn't want to just look at out pretty socks, they want to actually buy them.
I hear you lazuri!
If you come to the U.S. or Canada, I'll personally pay to ship the socks you buy directly to the hotel or location you are staying in!
You too can have wonderful Artisan Socks!

and last but not least;

Livejournal blogger aldanare's comment about the Artisan socks post:
О, вот чего мне еще не хватает для полного щастья.
Полосатых носков, конечно же.
Обязательно займусь этим.

Google translation:
Oh, that's what I still do not have enough for a full щастья.
Striped socks, of course.
Must'll do it.

Sock Diva L's Translation of the Google Translation:
As soon as I figure out what "щастья." is I'll venture a guess.

Well, I'm spent.
We've had an amazing first holiday season and it is time to do inventory and plan on what wonderful spring socks to order.

Thank all of you for your support, and please remember to have enough for full "щастья.".

~~Sock Diva L.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cats for Cats!! Supporting discarded and abandoned cats and kittens one pair of socks at a time.

As corny and cliche as it sounds and is, I do inventory of all I have and have gained in the year, and I've always come out ahead. Even in a year as relatively hard as this one has been.

I feel really really poor but really rich at the same time; The shopping and spending leaves me broke *cry cry*, but the rest is pretty good.

Among this year's huge gains are, alarmingly enough a HUGE inventory of socks and stockings (could you have guessed?) and two super amazing kitties; Justus and Jitters.

Both of whom loves socks but in a very very "Bad kitty!!!" kind of way.

Justus and Jitters were raised until they were old enough to be adopted out (by me, woo!) by a truly wonderful lady named Pam from the Long Beach Felines cat and kitten rescue.

They could always use donations of food and of course money for the medical and feeding and care of the cats and kittens they save, and in these really horrible economic times, the number of people throwing away their companion animals and pets as if they were garbage is huge.

We've decided to try to earn a little for the rescue by donating a little from Sales of Socks With Kitties On Them.

You can always donate directly to them as well.

Hug your friends, family, and furry kids,
~Sock Diva L

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season! (To put little Japanese Secret Stretching Wool Socks on your Pets)

So we've finally gotten more of the fun and sexy Japanese socks and stockings up, but we all have a super special fondness for one kind in particular.

The Japanese make mini everythings, and we love them for that. When we were sock buying in Tokyo, the last place we visited had these amazingly fun baby socks that aren't from babies.

They're sold as "Travel Socks" that you can pack in your purse because apparently socks are the bulk of what weighs you down when you're traveling.

We wanted to 1. Get a good photo of the scale of the socks on and off and to 2. Humiliate our pets for fun because we're horrible people, and we came up with the following for your viewing enjoyment;


Here are the Japanese Mini Travel socks on Our Sock site

Merry holidays, sock wisely, and enjoy your pets,

~~~~Sock Diva L