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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season! (To put little Japanese Secret Stretching Wool Socks on your Pets)

So we've finally gotten more of the fun and sexy Japanese socks and stockings up, but we all have a super special fondness for one kind in particular.

The Japanese make mini everythings, and we love them for that. When we were sock buying in Tokyo, the last place we visited had these amazingly fun baby socks that aren't from babies.

They're sold as "Travel Socks" that you can pack in your purse because apparently socks are the bulk of what weighs you down when you're traveling.

We wanted to 1. Get a good photo of the scale of the socks on and off and to 2. Humiliate our pets for fun because we're horrible people, and we came up with the following for your viewing enjoyment;


Here are the Japanese Mini Travel socks on Our Sock site

Merry holidays, sock wisely, and enjoy your pets,

~~~~Sock Diva L

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