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Friday, December 4, 2009

Cats for Cats!! Supporting discarded and abandoned cats and kittens one pair of socks at a time.

As corny and cliche as it sounds and is, I do inventory of all I have and have gained in the year, and I've always come out ahead. Even in a year as relatively hard as this one has been.

I feel really really poor but really rich at the same time; The shopping and spending leaves me broke *cry cry*, but the rest is pretty good.

Among this year's huge gains are, alarmingly enough a HUGE inventory of socks and stockings (could you have guessed?) and two super amazing kitties; Justus and Jitters.

Both of whom loves socks but in a very very "Bad kitty!!!" kind of way.

Justus and Jitters were raised until they were old enough to be adopted out (by me, woo!) by a truly wonderful lady named Pam from the Long Beach Felines cat and kitten rescue.

They could always use donations of food and of course money for the medical and feeding and care of the cats and kittens they save, and in these really horrible economic times, the number of people throwing away their companion animals and pets as if they were garbage is huge.

We've decided to try to earn a little for the rescue by donating a little from Sales of Socks With Kitties On Them.

You can always donate directly to them as well.

Hug your friends, family, and furry kids,
~Sock Diva L

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