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Friday, September 24, 2010


We've added a whole new section and it's not about socks at all.

It is animal hats!

"Why animal hats?" you might ask.
Well, I'm afraid the best answer we can come up with probably is;

"Because they're fun! Soft, warm, felt-y fun!!"

We'll be adding more including a yellow giraffe and panda soon.
I personally want the yeti too.

~~Sock (And Animal Hat) Diva L.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2500 likes on Facebook means free shipping vouchers for a week!

While we understand the internet isn't a popularity contest, we would like to say "thank you for helping us WIN!!!". 
Um.. No..Hee hee! Sorry, I got all excited.

Let's start over.
We've promised people who "Like" out business page on Facebook a week of free shipping vouchers if they like us on Facebook.

AND WE HAVE 2500+ likes!
*pops a can of diet soda to celebrate*

If you like us on Facebook and then make an account and email us for your shipping voucher, we'll send it to you licketysplit! Actually, probably a little slower than that, sorry.

Here's the FB url to "like":

Here's where to make an Artisan Socks account;

And just in time for the new 50+ items that will be going up this week and next!
A sneak preview below. (See the album on Facebook for more.)

Stay extra Socksy this fall!

~Sock Diva and Shop owner L