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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2500 likes on Facebook means free shipping vouchers for a week!

While we understand the internet isn't a popularity contest, we would like to say "thank you for helping us WIN!!!". 
Um.. No..Hee hee! Sorry, I got all excited.

Let's start over.
We've promised people who "Like" out business page on Facebook a week of free shipping vouchers if they like us on Facebook.

AND WE HAVE 2500+ likes!
*pops a can of diet soda to celebrate*

If you like us on Facebook and then make an account and email us for your shipping voucher, we'll send it to you licketysplit! Actually, probably a little slower than that, sorry.

Here's the FB url to "like":

Here's where to make an Artisan Socks account;

And just in time for the new 50+ items that will be going up this week and next!
A sneak preview below. (See the album on Facebook for more.)

Stay extra Socksy this fall!

~Sock Diva and Shop owner L

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