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Thursday, November 19, 2009

This little piggie went to Paso Robles (also known as: Japanese toe socks gone wild)

So I said I took a work detour to go on our annual "tour around gorgeous Mid-Cal with friends and drink lovely wines", right?

And I promised you more photos of cool japanese socks that aren't quite up on the sock shop but should be soon, right?

I HAVE THEM! Woo~~~~
(The sock photos, not the items up on the site... Yet.. Any day now my pretties, any day now..)

I know you all know "Hello Kitty". We do actually have "Hello Kitty" socks, but they're actually from a great place called "Loungefly" here in local California. Um, Lo-Cal?
That sounds wrong.
But in case you wanted to see them, the Hello Kitties and Smurphs and Evil Mushrooms are here.

I've veered violently off track.
Oh yes.
Most people might think "Hello Kitty" when they think Japan, but that's so '08.
I went out and got exclusive "Hello Piggy" toe socks for you to maybe scoff and ward off the evils of swine flu or "Hamthrax" as it is now known to us. (Thank you for that one Danielle.)

So here are the little piggies, in their full glory.

This Japanese toe sock series also has a love cat (perhaps a nod to The Cure?) and rather inexplicably a a hungry panda who eats, shoots, and leaves perhaps..

Except he's not armed, he's toed. Left and right, two sides, these toe socks are actually pretty awesome.

~Sock Diva L

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Japanese Socks and Stuff

So we're trying to get all the information about all the great funky and original  Japanese socks we bought for the sock shop up, but I had to go take a detour to wine country first.

Here I am, and a winery,  in a pair of the coolest adjustable socks, hamming it up for the camera.

I handed out some of my favorite Japanese toe socks to friend from Mars who didn't know that socks were worn on feet; (kidding)
Well, at least they are socksy ladies ;-)

The piggy toe socks were awesome;

Many many more Japanese original socks and photos to come.

~Sock Diva L

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Towel Cakes & Parfaits: People will love you more

Cake Towel Gift Ideas Strawberry Marble Parfait

I just love these towel cakes and parfaits, seriously love them.

When I was a little girl, I bought a candle that was in the shape of this chocolate sundae all gooey and creamy with a cherry on top, and it smelled divine.

I think I managed to go about a week without biting it but gave in in the end. (I was a chubby kid..)

These towel cakes and parfaits kind of remind me of that.
They look tasty and the cherries on top are these cute little magnet things.

I don't chomp them, I promise.