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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sock of the Day, Saturday May 8th 2010: Special Saturday "Aye Chihuahuas!" version.

I'd like to dedicate today's sock of the day to my mother.
Even though she has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with Chihuahuas (she has a beagle and cats) it is mother's day tomorrow and so I wanted to dedicate something o her.

Sure, a sock more to her liking would have probably been more appropriate but I really wanted to multi-task here and have been meaning to focus some blog love on these puppies *giggles* for some time now.

These rainbow colored Chihuahua crew socks are full of fun and rainbow colored Chihuahuas as one might safely assume.

Get them for your mom even though you're probably too late if you still haven't bought mom something yet.

You're a horrible child.. Mom's at home, crying, sockless. You could have at least made her life just a touch happier had you Chihuahua'd her feet or something, but no... you had to spen the day reading a blog about socks.

I personally thank you for that, but is could have serious familial ramifications.

Make up for it by getting her these cute rainbow Chihuahua crew socks.

Happy mother's day!

Stay socksy!

~~Sock Diva L

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