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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sock of the Day for Tuesday May 11th, 2010; the "Something's fishy" version

Today's post about our wonderful and fun socks will first be done in internetese, and then translated intofashion uppercrust for your early morning blog reading enjoyment.

lol WANT! 
These soks haz teh cute!!
Fishies nom nom nom ur feetz!
Can be hazed from Artisan Socks.

Today's sartorial offering encompasses a wide range of cutting edge fashion premises that include the oft forgotten element of "whimsy" i.e. the "mouth" of the sassily saffron colored leg-wear being an actual but still figurative "mouth" of a fish with scales and eyes which appear to "eat" the leg of the wearer, and function; these humorous accoutrements are for all intents and purposes socks, yes, these are actual crew length piscine-shaped covers for your feet, best matched with low cut flats and a sharp sense of humor.

Goldfish crew socks found here.

Stay socksy!

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