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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artisan Socks in Japan: Violet Love's Mixed Fishnet Knee-High Stockings Ride the Shinkansen and Have an Anniversary Trip.

I was listening to the radio a couple weeks ago and they were doing a "Top 10 things that should be sexy but aren't" segment.

Along with "Too Short Skirts" and "Body Glitter", "Fishnet Stockings" came up close to the top.
The reasoning being that they lack subtlety and kind of hit you over the head rather than whisper in your ear.

Says you! You can pry my fishnets off my cold, dead, uh, no, don't. You can't take my fishnets away from me.

So today is a wedding anniversary (mine, could be yours as well, you haven't shared that information with me yet so I have no way of knowing now, do I?)  and I wanted to primp a little for our shinkansen (high-speed bullet train) trip.

I chose to wear my Violet Love mixed fishnet knee-highs in an Asian-inspired print becuase it was fun to me.

Check me out getting all sassy! (<-- Does it make you want to slap me with newspapers when I write stuff like that? Is it way too "forced hip"? Yes, I agree, I'll tone that down so I don't end up irritating us all with my enthusiastic sock gushings..)

The getting ready photo:

The running-for-the-bullet-train-very-staged-except-for-the-guy-in-the-background's-reaction photo;

Here are my Violet Love's riding the bullet train and then getting off at the hot spring (onsen) in a mountain area called "Nasu Shiobara". (Once again, I don't condone putting of shod feet on inapropriate surfaces and neither scuffed nor harmed the back of the train seat. I promise.) 

(Click the image on the top if you want a good idea of what "mixed fishnets" look like up close.)

And just in case you're wondering about the shoes (OMG SHOES!) they are my wonderful Fluevog Arabicas in Cherry Caviar. Whee!

As you probably know, shoes come off inside Japanese houses and Ryokans, and hotel rooms.

Here are my Violet Loves in slippers checking in to the wonderful little mountain hot springs hotel, snuggling up to the Mr.'s feet on the day of our anniversary. Awww! <3 <3

 I need to go get changed into a robe so I can go soak in the springs and then have dinner, see you later!

Sock Diva L.

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