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Monday, October 12, 2009

Artisan Socks Goes to Japan! Day One: Ozone Bunched Dots socks

*taps mic*
Hello? Does anybody read these things??
I hope so, and just in case they actually do, I'll try to make it a little interesting.

As you may have read on our top page (, or if you know me have heard probably waaaay too much about lately, we came to Japan do do some super secret Japanese sock buying and to celebrate some events along the way.

We first went to a section of Tokyo called "Ueno" that we like for its closeness to the airport liner and the reasonableness of the hotel rooms and the yumminess of the plethora of restaurants in the area .

I'm also fond of Ueno because one of my favorite university experiences was the Nikki Kai art exhibit in the art Museum in Ueno park that I helped out with every October.

Before I left for Japan, I shamelessly borrowed (ok, took, not "borrowed" but paid for so we're cool, right?) some of of the socks and stockings and leggings we carry on our online sock shop, and promised to flaunt them about here and there and then give a little blog love to each of the fine pieces of leg wear I took with me.

I started out by wearing Ozone's Over the Knee  Bunched Dots socks in black with multicolor bunched dots.

Jeeze, I couldn't have said that any more boringly than that, could I?

Here are a few photos of the socks in action. But before that, I must say, I love the Ozone line so much it hurts me to only have two legs.
I want to be an octopus, but with people legs so I can wear more than one pair at a time except that would be creepy so scratch that.

Anyways, here are my Ozones getting dolled up in the hotel getting ready to go out and walk all around a surprisingly hot October Ueno.

What? You absolutely have no idea what you're looking at??
Fine, I have more Ozone sock photos, better too!

Here they are on the way to a train station to ride a subway to our super secret sock buying trip:
Oooh la la!

Want to see what other kind of fun my Ozone O.T.K. socks had that day?
Great! Because I just happen to have more photos. (Why do you look so unsurprised??)

Like this one of my way tired but still really funky fresh feet and legs waiting to go to the, ahem, Ladies' Room here:
(I promise that I didn't pick this izakaya out because it matched my socks, I just get lucky like that ;-p)

And while absolutely un-sock related, I'm happy to report that even though the lol cats in Japan are pretty analog:

The ordering is all digital to save you from actually having to talk to a hovering waitperson or something.

Thanks for reading today's entry!
Stay tuned for more Artisan socks in Japan!

To see the product page for the Ozone BUNCHED DOTS BLACK Dotted Angora Over The Knee Socks (OTK) please click the link.

Sock Diva L

While I'm sure most of you know this, I feel a need to mention that putting your shoes and legs and stuff on tables and such in Japan (as well as most of the remainder of non-neanderthal societies) is highly HIGHLY frowned upon and to not to try that at home or in your mother's kitchen or in mixed company and such as it can offend and confuse. I promise I not only exercised the utmost in caution while taking these photos, I wiped all surfaces down after to prevent spreaditude of my legular tissue as well as to not insult my temporary host coutry's sensibilities.


  1. Great socks! I found your site and just love the stuff you sell. Can't wait to see how many new socks you find in the future.

  2. Thank you so much!
    We're really trying to carry a great line-up here.
    we're having a lot of fun with this socks site and hope people will too :)