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Friday, October 16, 2009

Artisan Socks Goes to Japan! Special Days 1: Z International Legging with Buttons & Anniversaries

So I had this little prom dress kind of dress with a short skirt, and was a little shy to wear it as-is since the place we were eating had a slightly different kind of dress code...

(What People Normally Wear to Dinner in a Ryokan)

To help document my leg wear usage for you and to justify taking some of our new stock  overseas to model on my less-than-model self, I further abused Japanese rules of common decency and once again put my foot up on surfaces normally reserved for not foot bodyparts.

These tights were great; I could go really dressy and add a little funky, or pair them with a long top for an updated leggings look. The fit was great, they didn't bag or sag or stretch. These tights / leggings are a new favorite of mine.

And here's a view of the buttons in a little more detail.
And for those of you who know me and are sick and bloody tired of my silver nail polish, look! My silver nail polish!

I've got another post soon with my birthday socks, until then, enjoy looking at pretty Japanese food unless you don't want to in which case, please don't and sorry to inject food into my sock dialogs.

Our Anniversary Dinner Because You Really Really Wanted To See It (hee!)

Sock Diva L.

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