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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sock of the Day, Friday April 30, 2010

Today's sock of the day is a tabi sock or what you might call flip-flop sock from our friends at Kbell.

These are perfect for a very late hanami (maybe in Hokkaido? Where do cherry blossoms bloom this late?) or maybe just a fun day out in your thong sandals.

When do I wear tabi socks? (Japanese style toe socks)

Sometimes it's because I want to wear thong heels (I'm far too short to rock the flip-flops) and it's a little cold so I need the warmth of a sock, and sometimes it is because my toenail polish is hideously, horrendously, and tragically chipped and I need my toes to not be seen because I have no time to redo them and I still need to wear the thong heels.

So anyway, enough about my negative pedicurial habits, let me take you to the sock;

Cherry blossom tabi socks from Kbell.


~~Sock Diva L

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