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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother's Day Sock-a-Grams - Socks, Ready to Gift

Moms are hard to shop for.  Trust me, I have one.  And for anyone else out there who loves their mom, you want to show her that you care, but you want to do it as cheaply as possible.

We've collaborated with science to create this 100% verified accurate gift guide for Mother's Day.  As it turns out, the key question is : "Does Your  Mother Have Feet?"

Oh, the gift guide said you should buy your mom our Mother's Day Sock-a-Gram?  That is such a surprise. I am shocked.  Luckily, I have some quick facts about the Sock-a-Gram lying right here:

Available in 12 styles, it's an easy & cheap way to show your mom that you care.  For just $15, you get:

1. Your choice of a variety of sock options.
2. Elegant black gift box w/ gift wrapping.
3. Heartfelt message expressing those heartfelt feelings you feel in your heart.
4. Free 1st Class shipping.

The Sock-a-Gram is a great option if you face any of the following questions regarding Mother's Day:
-What should I get her?
-How will I wrap it?
-What should I write in the card?
-Will she like it?
-Can I afford to show my mother that I love her?
-I am cheap. (not a question, we know, but still relevant)

We're also discounting some of our favorite styles, just in time for Mom's Day. Save on the styles below & lots more now through Mother's Day here:

So don't waste money on those same tired gifts.  This year, get her something she will love and will last longer than flowers, chocolates, or jewelry.  Ok, maybe not as long as jewelry.  But definitely longer than flowers and candy.

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