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Friday, August 13, 2010

A very sock-sy story with a happy ending. HE SAID YES!!

This story and the photos ares used with permission from the coolest girl ever, Alexandra "Alex" S.

A couple weeks ago, we got 4 orders in a row from one person all going to a different address and wondered if there had been a glitch in the system of if the matrix burped and charged some poor soul 4 different shipping charges. It hasn't happened before, but you always need to be prepared for the odd in this business.

When we opened the orders to investigate, we noticed that there was a one word message on each of the gift notes accompanying a wonderful selection of sock choices.

The first sock was this fun Happy Sock:
And it had a gift message that said  "Will"

(photo sent in by Alex :)

The second sock was this: 

And it had a gift message that said  "You"

Second Socksy Package

The third sock was this:
And it had a gift message that said  "Marry"

Hand wrapped love socks from Alex to the luckiest guy ever

Day three of the sock -o- gram

And the last sock was this :
And it had a gift message that said  "Me?"

 We were waiting to see what he said, and Alex let us know that HE SAID "YES"!!!!

We're so proud and happy you let us be part of that Alex :)

Thanks for the screen shots, we hope you enjoy the towel cake we sent you both as an early engagement gift.

This was just the most fun thing we've been involved in lately.
And while I guess you all can guess even though we here at Artisan Socks have a soft and romantic side, this took the cake!

Stay socksy, congrats, and good luck!

Artisan Socks

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