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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Daddy Issue

In this post we explore dads, those men who bore you (get it?!) and who are almost impossible to shop for.  Because there is only so much bacon-themed stuff you can buy one man before people start thinking he has a problem, here are some other gift ideas, based on the 4 most common dad types.

If your dad does not fall into these categories, then he is extra special.  But he still has feet, so socks are still a viable gift.

Please note: if you have not bought him bacon socks before, there is no time like the present (dad joke intended).  They provide all the bacony goodness of actual bacon with 50% less trans fat and 70% more fashionability. We will admit bacon smells better than these, especially after heavy use.

Order by 6/9 to get them by Father's Day!  All orders for men's socks include a special "Dad Lib," because we're all about added value here.  And puns.  And awkward Mad Libs about your dad.  Here's a sneak peek at one in the works. Enjoy!

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