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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Making a Statement with Socks

A few months ago we were contacted by Kate, a high school senior in the Yukon whose graduating glass wanted to support the LGBT community in their small town. Their plan was to do so by wearing rainbow socks underneath their gowns.  This weekend they graduated, with 45 of the 81 graduates showing their support with our Rainbow Knee Highs.

We thought it was a great way to support her community and we're proud to have helped them make their idea into reality.  Check out the great picture of their graduation below, and read more about their story here: "Vanier Catholic graduates wear rainbow socks to ceremony".  

Don't forget that we offer bulk discounts on orders over 10 pairs (and sometimes fewer if you catch us on a good day) and socks are a great way to make a statement or just add a little fun to a graduation, wedding. or graduwedding.  Just email us at and we will do all we can to help.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Daddy Issue

In this post we explore dads, those men who bore you (get it?!) and who are almost impossible to shop for.  Because there is only so much bacon-themed stuff you can buy one man before people start thinking he has a problem, here are some other gift ideas, based on the 4 most common dad types.

If your dad does not fall into these categories, then he is extra special.  But he still has feet, so socks are still a viable gift.

Please note: if you have not bought him bacon socks before, there is no time like the present (dad joke intended).  They provide all the bacony goodness of actual bacon with 50% less trans fat and 70% more fashionability. We will admit bacon smells better than these, especially after heavy use.

Order by 6/9 to get them by Father's Day!  All orders for men's socks include a special "Dad Lib," because we're all about added value here.  And puns.  And awkward Mad Libs about your dad.  Here's a sneak peek at one in the works. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lost Sock Remembrance - A Story of Loss

Today is Lock Sock Remembrance Day.  As you can imagine, it's a holiday we at Artisan Socks take very seriously.  Most years, we take it off, to grieve for those we have lost in our personal lives, as well as the discontinued socks we will never see again.  It's a day of mourning, but this year we wanted to bring you a heartwarming story of the hope which sprung new after sock-tragedy struck.

So please enjoy our short story.  We imagined it being read by Morgan Freeman, but due to other engagements we couldn't get him to do a voice-over of it. But with some imagination we think you'll make it work.

Comment with your lost sock story and maybe we'll send you a replacement.  Or maybe I'm lying and just want to hear your sad stories.  If you don't comment, you'll never know!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Schoolhouse Socks (aka teacher bribes)

The school year is almost over, and it's the perfect time to get some school-themed socks.  Whether you need to bribe thank a teacher for not failing you or thanks them for genuinely being a good teacher; whether you want to commemorate your favorite subject at graduation, or simply celebrate that you'll never have to take it again; Whether you're graduating high school, college, middle school, court-mandated-community-service-school, or anything else, celebrate with a fun and inexpensive gift of socks.

We have gotten out some of our favorites to make it easy to shop for yourself or others, based on your favorite school subject.

Nothing fancy here, just a good #2 pencil and some binder paper. But wait! They also keep your feet warm! So much better than that time the power went out and we had to burn all our homework and pencils to keep warm. Actually, no, that was way better. But these are pretty cool too. For a limited time they're on sale, so be sure to check them out. Also available in a sockin' 3-pack.

For the artist we have Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night. They found yet another place to put this enduring classic, and the detailed rendering really does the work justice. For those more inclined to the graphic arts, we have the Blamo! Comic Book Knee Highs with all the elements of your favorite graphic novel. Composition Book Crews from Ashi Dashi are a more subtle reminder of those times you accidentally brought the wrong notebook to art because THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

Believe it or not, there aren’t a whole lot of math-themed socks out there. Technically, geometry is a field of mathematics, so any of our geometric prints would be great for the math-mind who craves structure and straight-lined, regular patterns. Argyle, Big Dots, and those plaid leggings (Great Scot!) are just a few of the fun, familiar prints you'll find. We'll work on getting some real math socks in before we do another school-themed socks event. I know, It's embarrassing. I KNOW!

The face and iconic top hat should be familiar to you history buffs. Our Honest Abe Crews as eye-catching as the man himself, and a lot more fun (trust us, we've met the guy). We also have a sock commemorating one of the most historically important dogs, the noble corgi. It's not pictured here because, c'mon, Abe Lincoln Socks. You really shouldn't need anything else.

For those who love Bunsen burners, valence electrons, exothermic reactions, and everything Newton (delicious fig bars included), we have our science socks. Men’s Constellation Crews and Women’s Planet Knee Highs let you show your love for space, while our Mad Science Knee Highs are a cute way to show your love of the lab.  I know what you're thinking, "shouldn't those great Composition Book Socks be here, too?"  To that I say "I'm not answering your questions because this is my blog and I don't wanna."

For those who are “less-academically minded,” lunch was surely the best time of the day. Relive those great cafeteria meals with our food-themed crew socks. We have corn, bacon, other bacon (I KNOW, RIGHT?), and, our personal favorite, the Burger Crew Sock. Mix and match to get a well-rounded meal.   

Now we would never condone the use of our products to cheat. But if you were looking for a way to get a leg-up (get it?!) on the rest of the class, the detail on these Map of the World Tights would definitely let you do it. That same level of detail (and let’s face it, pure awesomeness) is reason enough to get them even if you don't need to cheat.  So really, everyone should own these, is what I'm saying.  And not just because I'm the one selling them.  Well, mostly because I'm the one selling them.

We all had our sports. I was one of those super cool kids who excelled at badminton. With a court the size of a parking spot and a super-light racket, if there is a high school sport which required less running and upper body strength, I sure haven’t found it. these socks are also great for fans of "more athletic" sports (or "real" sports, as my father would refer to them).  Also check out our Knee High Chuck Taylor Socks, made to look like a pair of shoes with socks on the top. It’s a sock made to look like a sock. Mind blown.   

It counts a period if you went everyday, right? Truthfully, if you need these Bad Ass Socks to let people know how bad ass you are, you’re doing it wrong. But if you already have the reputation to back it up, get a little well-earned recognition by advertising to the world. Also, these will probably land you in detention if you wear them to school. So, you know, if you were looking for a way in, here it is!

Let us know what your favorite subject is (or was for you old people uggh get off the internet you're so old) and grab the right ones for the job today.  They work great as nerd-camouflage, making teachers think you actually care about whatever it is they're saying.  And if you don't actually want to wear them, they also make great bribes for those teachers who just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother's Day Sock-a-Grams - Socks, Ready to Gift

Moms are hard to shop for.  Trust me, I have one.  And for anyone else out there who loves their mom, you want to show her that you care, but you want to do it as cheaply as possible.

We've collaborated with science to create this 100% verified accurate gift guide for Mother's Day.  As it turns out, the key question is : "Does Your  Mother Have Feet?"

Oh, the gift guide said you should buy your mom our Mother's Day Sock-a-Gram?  That is such a surprise. I am shocked.  Luckily, I have some quick facts about the Sock-a-Gram lying right here:

Available in 12 styles, it's an easy & cheap way to show your mom that you care.  For just $15, you get:

1. Your choice of a variety of sock options.
2. Elegant black gift box w/ gift wrapping.
3. Heartfelt message expressing those heartfelt feelings you feel in your heart.
4. Free 1st Class shipping.

The Sock-a-Gram is a great option if you face any of the following questions regarding Mother's Day:
-What should I get her?
-How will I wrap it?
-What should I write in the card?
-Will she like it?
-Can I afford to show my mother that I love her?
-I am cheap. (not a question, we know, but still relevant)

We're also discounting some of our favorite styles, just in time for Mom's Day. Save on the styles below & lots more now through Mother's Day here:

So don't waste money on those same tired gifts.  This year, get her something she will love and will last longer than flowers, chocolates, or jewelry.  Ok, maybe not as long as jewelry.  But definitely longer than flowers and candy.

We're Back From Our 2-Year Sabbatical

Dear Socks Blog,

How've you been?  I hope well.  I was going through some boxes the other day and found some old posts we did together.  Can you believe it's been 2 years?  Seems like only yesterday I was trying to get people's old smelly socks.  Ahhh, good times.  Look, I'm sorry that we left it the way we did, and I want to give it another try.  I've kind of being seeing other people, spreading the word about socks elsewhere.  But I'm back.  

I see the error of my ways.  Those other sites didn't have what you have.  I want to get the most out of our time together, not be limited to 140 characters.  I want us to be exclusive, I don't want to sharing everything with all my friends, and your friends, and their friends.  I don't want to fill my days compiling Boards of "Things that remind me of socks."  Life is too short. And I want us to have a space to share-Ourspace, not just Myspace.  Ok, real talk, I never even thought about stooping that low.  I've been down, but believe me, not that low.  C'mon Myspace.  Not even JT can help you now. 

So, if you'll have me, I'd love to try again. I'm a different person than I was before.  You'll see, I'll be insightful, informative, witty, and throw in some unexpected rhymes, just to keep you on your toes.


Art Socks III

Friday, April 27, 2012

Disgusting Sock Contest. AKA Why I have no friends probably..

Disgusting Sock Contest Through the 31st on our Facebook Fan page Disgusting Sock Contest

So we've decided to have a fan appreciation contest that is almost entirely self-serving, a little gross, fairly silly, and that we hope makes you laugh as well.

Here are the details and hopefully the answer to the question "BUT WHY???"

40,000 Facebook Fans - Disgusting Socks Contest Extravaganza**
**and NO we don’t want YOUR disgusting socks!! Eww. We want to give you ours! Yay!
That’s right ladies, sitting in our office at this very moment is a bin of socks that have been modeled for our site. Just so you understand that sadness that is contained by this bin we’ll explain The Life of an Artisan Sock: Born, delivered to Artisan Socks, fawned over by staff, slapped on a models feet, paraded around shamelessly, photographed, torn off models feet, discarded, left to die in a Tupperware bin… (think Velveteen Rabbit, make tears)
To thank our loving and loyal fans we are having a Disgusting Sock Giveaway. Some big companies like to gain fans by giving away iPads and other items that people covet like lip balm and Starbucks gift cards, but we think that’s despicable. If you want to gain friends and influence people you should give them things that are used and raunchy.

Why you want our disgusting socks:
They weren’t always disgusting. They were once brand new, but then they were modeled and photographed. You may think models are perfect. You’re wrong, they’re disgusting. They smell all sweet and stuff and live off coffee, lettuce, and their ridiculous good looks and super long legs.
We don’t want their socks or anything else they’ve touched.

How can you get your hands on our used socks you ask?
Post a picture of your most downright disgusting pair of socks to this contest. Vote, have people vote, let strangers vote. Whatevs.

The top (10) voted “THROW THOSE OUT! They are hands down the most disgusting socks” will be mailed a pair of our very own disgusting socks. We’ll also award a “Judges Choice” winner so loners with no friends to pad their votes can still earn themselves some disgusting socks if they submit a good enough photo. We've been there. But probably because we're the kind of people who give people used unwashed socks. Once again, whateva.

Please do not harm or abuse the socks in your photos. We said “disgusting socks” not “disgusting things being done to socks” and we don’t want to know. NO GROSS STUFF! Just mangled, holey, nasty, worn out socks.

Oh, there’s only-semi nasty do-gooderness involved!!:
For every photo posted (good, bad, or ugly) we will give a pair of used socks to a youth charity. In this case, we will wash the socks.
You on the other hand don’t get washed socks, we can’t do everything for you and we’re already paying your shipping and giving you awesome socks.

A little about the charity we’re giving the other socks to:
It’s called Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment and the Arts and it’s a nonprofit 24-hour residential and treatment center for children. Children and youth are admitted with a variety of psychological, social, emotional, behavioral, medical and neurological problems; many of the children have suffered abuse and other traumas.

We love the work of Oak Grove Canter and if we’ve learned one thing from all of their efforts it’s that sometimes it’s the little things that do the most to rebuild lives. A music lesson, a dog-therapy session, (DOG THERAPY ROCKS BTW) a makeover; positive experiences don’t erase the negative ones, but they help establish a new pattern that can change lives. We hope that getting new (used but beautiful) socks is just one of many happy new moments. So please, post those disgusting socks pictures!!

For more about the great things happening at Oak Grove Center please visit : or visit them on Facebook:

**Please note: we actually love our models and are simply employing a device called humor. We've seen them eat humus too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We need at least 25 plus sized women to help guide us! (Details in post)

As it has been pointed out to us, we have hundreds and hundreds of socks and stockings and stuff, but only 18 in plus-sizes...

Fernando Botero

There are a few reasons for this.

1.) There just hasn't been a great range so far of plus-sized products that we love and think you'll love.
2.) We don't know what you need most, and want most so we're going to try to go to you directly and get the looks and sizes you most want based on your feedback.

We're currently working with a company to get from 1x to 6x in many different styles, but we don't really know what you want / need /desire exactly. 

For your help in answering, we'll send you a sale voucher of $10.00 off of your order (which will equal free shipping plus for almost all of you).

How to participate:

1.) Answer the following 8 questions in an email.
2.) Send to "", remember to put "Plus Advice" in the subject line. 

Absolutely ALL your information, names, private details etc. will be kept ABSOLUTELY private, so please be honest and open. We'll send you the voucher by email in reply to your answers.


Survey Questions:

1.) What size are you? 
(Most places switch this up so much it's hard to get a good idea, could you please give clothing size but also give height / weight so we get a better sense?)

2.) What type of stockings /socks / leggings / hosiery do you want to find, but have a very hard time finding online or in stores?
 (For example: "Tights / Stockings I can wear to work that are in demure prints." Or "Knee socks in cotton that fit my calf well" Or "Wild animal print leggings" Or "Solid color tights in colors that fit well" Or "Super sexy stuff" etc )

3.) Where do you buy most of your clothes?
(Shop(s) / website name(s) )

4.) Where do you find information / advice about plus sized fashion / stores / clothes?
(blog / website name(s) / source etc)

5.) Do you wear fashions that show off your lovely legs? 
(Chances are you should!!) 

6. ) If we had a weekly online chat / advice column etc. 
(Facebook thread or something) with a plus size stylist to help answer your fashion / styling questions, would you want to participate?

6a.) If "Yes", would you prefer to email in questions to have answered in the Facebook thread so you can keep your name private, or have it interactive online, real time as you on our Facebook wall?

7.) Should we order more stockings or leggings or both?
8.) Please look at the following Color / Pattern Boards and let us know which you'd like us to carry by number. (Ex. I'd like F6. F7 and W1, W2 and A5 and A8)
As many as you just love. 
Add in words other colors / styles / patterns you'd love to buy if we don't have it on our pattern boards.


Wear-to-Work Patterns:

 Animal Prints: 
Stylish Floral Patterns:

Pin-up / Retro Patterns:
Crazy / Fun Patterns:

Thank you for all your help!
Xoxo Sock Diva Leah

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sock of The Week: The "Those are absolutely awful I MUST HAVE THEM" black and hidden color skull toe socks.

Jolie laide toe socks. With hidden skulls.
Sometimes when we're looking at new socks to carry we'll see something and groan.

The groan's usually accompanied by a comment like this:
 "That's terrible!"
"Who'd look good in that??"
"Where would anybody actually WEAR that?"
"WHO would actually buy that??"

and then we generally move on to the next new item we're considering.

About 3% of the time though, contrary to all good taste, common sense, and basic business logic we then follow any one of those comments with "WE MUST CARRY THOSE".

These black calf length toe socks with hidden green, purple and red skulls were one of those odd cases.

We started with an "OMG! THESE ARE HORRIBLE!" and pretty immediately followed them up with "WE MUST CARRY THOSE".

I've heard that in French there's a concept of being both pretty and ugly at the same time.  
The term appears to be "jolie laide", but as a non-Francophone, I'm not going to make strong claims to accuracy here.

What I take that to mean is striking in a non-conventionally pretty kind of way. Memorable, eye-catching, and just a little bit off looking. Being one of those women, I find owning that rather than hiding from it serves me best.
But back to the socks.

1.) Any sock that hits you mid calf like these do don't do a huge favor to about 99% of leg types out there. Simple truth of shape logic there, I can't change or deny that truth.

2.) 5 toe toe socks, while awesome, are also freaky in some oddly primal kind of way because WE CAN SEE ALL YOUR CREEPY TOES.

3.) moving on to the skulls; they are human skulls.
Even if I could make an argument to the pleasing aesthetics of a human skull (but I won't) why would there be skulls on your legs just up to your calves??

And yet...
And yet I bought a metric boatload of them to have in stock to sell to you because BLACK HIDDEN SKULL TOE SOCKS!!!!

They are actually surprisingly cute on and can pass as regular black socks with a green band at the top if you need specially camouflaged socks for some very specific reason.

Have fun in the toe socks,

XoXo Sock Diva Leah

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Discontinued" vs. "Sold Out"

You asked for it, we (finally!) did it; the Discontinued Socks & Stockings page.

Until now, there has been a lot of confusion (and complaints on our Artisan Socks Facebook page) about us being out of a lot of what you want.

There are two main reasons a product would show up as "Sold Out" on our site;
1.) Because we were sold out of the item and hadn't  reordered because it wasn't a very popular item, or sold out and were waiting on a new shipment of great socks or stockings
2.) Because the designer or brand has run out of or discontinued the item and we would never ever again be able to order it.

However, like absolute idiots, we did close to nothing to let you, our lovely, patient and good-smelling customers know which was which.

Almost all sold out. Forever.

We made a whole category for the items that would never be made again and called it, oh so surprisingly, "Discontinued Socks".

So now, oh happy day!, when you see something that says "Sold Out", it means, actually, "Sold Out", but that we can get it in again.
If you see something marked suchly, please call us at 1.888.34.SOCKS or log into your account and contact us with the AS number and we'll let you know when it will be in by or when we can have it in by.


If it says "Discontinued" it means that the brand WILL NO LONGER MAKE THE ITEM in that style or color. Once they're gone, they're gone. Anything on the discontinued page is here only in limited stock so if you're ordering volume, call first, we probably don't have many.

Thank you for putting up with our slowness, hope this makes shopping Artisan Socks a little bit easier and nicer.

Sock Diva Leah

Monday, November 15, 2010

Vote for Outfit Entries!!

The wonderful outfits entered in our "Socksy Outfits" as styled by our wonderful Facebook Fans has gone live!

Please go to the voting post on our wall, view all the entries and click "LIKE" next to the set you like.
Voting is open until Friday 12:00 pm.

Please vote!

The winning entrant will win all trhe cute clothes in their styleboards and the socks off our site that go with them.   Here are just a few examples of the wonderful outfits they came up with:

Some socksy Ideas for affordable outfits #1

Outfit Ideas #2

Outfit ideas from entrant 3

Fun outfits from #4

Fab outfit from #5

Fun from #5

Socksy with #6

Sock savvy from #7

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Socks and Stockings -- Yeah baby!

 Welcome to a very Artisan Socks -Y Halloween!

When you think "Halloween Stockings", there's probably;y one of several categories of people who think very different things.

If you're a cosplay or Manga / Anime fan, you're probably trying to find the PERFECT socks or stockings to make you into the character of your choice. Same goes for if you like regular comics.

Do you think orange and black striped socks?
Hopefully, because we have them.

How about stockings with glow in the dark webs on them?

Yup, we have them too.

Stockings that make your legs look tattooed?
But of course!

Sharks and alligators and fishes that eat your feet and cow toes?

Most certainly!
And a whole massive array of vavavavoom thigh-highs to make your Sexy-maid-marine-biologist-naughty-librarian outfit the hottest?

You bet.

Mostly we have tried to get in and keep just about every type of fun leg-wear we could get our hands on.

I beseech you, wear fun socks and stockings on regular non-Halloween days too.
Not just because I sell socks either, mostly because the world needs a bunch more whimsy 364 days a year and not just on one lucky one.

~~Artisan Socks

Friday, September 24, 2010


We've added a whole new section and it's not about socks at all.

It is animal hats!

"Why animal hats?" you might ask.
Well, I'm afraid the best answer we can come up with probably is;

"Because they're fun! Soft, warm, felt-y fun!!"

We'll be adding more including a yellow giraffe and panda soon.
I personally want the yeti too.

~~Sock (And Animal Hat) Diva L.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2500 likes on Facebook means free shipping vouchers for a week!

While we understand the internet isn't a popularity contest, we would like to say "thank you for helping us WIN!!!". 
Um.. No..Hee hee! Sorry, I got all excited.

Let's start over.
We've promised people who "Like" out business page on Facebook a week of free shipping vouchers if they like us on Facebook.

AND WE HAVE 2500+ likes!
*pops a can of diet soda to celebrate*

If you like us on Facebook and then make an account and email us for your shipping voucher, we'll send it to you licketysplit! Actually, probably a little slower than that, sorry.

Here's the FB url to "like":

Here's where to make an Artisan Socks account;

And just in time for the new 50+ items that will be going up this week and next!
A sneak preview below. (See the album on Facebook for more.)

Stay extra Socksy this fall!

~Sock Diva and Shop owner L

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jitters for Artisan Socks Blog

This is still one of my favorite photos ever of our socks.
And Jitters, the sock eating kitty.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A very sock-sy story with a happy ending. HE SAID YES!!

This story and the photos ares used with permission from the coolest girl ever, Alexandra "Alex" S.

A couple weeks ago, we got 4 orders in a row from one person all going to a different address and wondered if there had been a glitch in the system of if the matrix burped and charged some poor soul 4 different shipping charges. It hasn't happened before, but you always need to be prepared for the odd in this business.

When we opened the orders to investigate, we noticed that there was a one word message on each of the gift notes accompanying a wonderful selection of sock choices.

The first sock was this fun Happy Sock:
And it had a gift message that said  "Will"

(photo sent in by Alex :)

The second sock was this: 

And it had a gift message that said  "You"

Second Socksy Package

The third sock was this:
And it had a gift message that said  "Marry"

Hand wrapped love socks from Alex to the luckiest guy ever

Day three of the sock -o- gram

And the last sock was this :
And it had a gift message that said  "Me?"

 We were waiting to see what he said, and Alex let us know that HE SAID "YES"!!!!

We're so proud and happy you let us be part of that Alex :)

Thanks for the screen shots, we hope you enjoy the towel cake we sent you both as an early engagement gift.

This was just the most fun thing we've been involved in lately.
And while I guess you all can guess even though we here at Artisan Socks have a soft and romantic side, this took the cake!

Stay socksy, congrats, and good luck!

Artisan Socks